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Use Google for Viral Inspiration

If you’re trying to find good ideas for ways to build traffic and credibility to your website, it’s always a good idea to look at what the big guys are doing — especially if what they are doing works. Then … Read the rest

Why Use Video Marketing

video interviewThere are numerous ways to promote your business and advance your overall presence on the Internet and most of them are simple and quick to implement. Social media and business marketing have become extremely popular and productive resources for almost … Read the rest

Money Mutual Videos

Today I was doing some research on video search for a class I teach.  When doing a search for “Money Mutual” in video search the coverage for the brand is an excellent example of how videos can be used for … Read the rest

What is Reputation Management?

A good reputation is something that has been highly valued since the beginning of time. Knowing that you can be trusted and relied upon as an individual, friend, employee, or business can affect many aspects of your life. Before the … Read the rest

Online Lead Generation in High Stakes industries

There are several industries online and indeed offline where lead generation can be very expensive.  When the stakes are high the competition and the costs are high.  Some industries, such and financial services, payday loans and plastic surgery have been … Read the rest

Company Branding Tips

There is not much about running a successful business that is easy. And the down economy of the last several years has made that more obvious. Increases in technology and the use of the Internet have created social media sites … Read the rest

SyCara SEO Tool…nominated finalist for prestigious innovation award

SyCara SEO Tool software has been nominated as a finalist in the  Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) Innovation challenge awards.  SyCara is an SEO tool which manages the SEO process and reduces times spent of the more tedious tasks associated with … Read the rest

SEO Tips and Tricks

The Internet is an important tool that consumers and businesses use every day. Whether they are looking for health advice, shopping for a new repairman, or just browsing the Web most begin their sessions on a search engine. While everyone … Read the rest

Personal Branding

For most of us it’s natural that when we hear the word “tissue” we think of Kleenex or when we hear “permanent marker” we think of Sharpie. These companies have developed their brand and set themselves apart as leaders in … Read the rest

Obama Wins the 2008 Presidential Election – in Social Media

This article was written following the 2008 Presidential Election.  It highlights how the effective use of social media impacted Obama’s successful campaign.  As the 2012 race for the White House heats up, it will be interesting to see which candidates Read the rest

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