29 Oct

SEO Tips and Tricks

The Internet is an important tool that consumers and businesses use every day. Whether they are looking for health advice, shopping for a new repairman, or just browsing the Web most begin their sessions on a search engine. While everyone has their preference — Google, Yahoo, or Bing just to name a few — ”most users don’t look past the first 1-2 pages of results. So to make their sites visible and increase visitor traffic it’s up to webmasters to improve their search engine optimization (SEO) and increase their websites ranking.

A large part of your website for both users and search engines is content. Providing a regular supply of new, unique content will keep your visitors interested and increase your page rank. You can even go in and update old content, just make sure that they changes are substantial or the spiders may recognize that you are doing it to improve your ranking and deduct points. Also, don’t copy the same content onto multiple domains. This is a trick often used by spammers and isn’t looked highly upon by search engines.

Keywords are key when it comes to increasing your websites visibility on search engines. First you need to find your primary keyword or phrase. Don’t pick something that is too popular and that will provide too much competition. Once you have your keyword/phrase you can include it in your domain name, URL, title tag, headlines, and anchor text. When writing content you can include the keyword, as well as variations and synonyms of the keyword, but don’t overuse them — no more than 10%. You can also use secondary keywords that will provide variety for your readers and increase ranking. But, again, it’s important that their use be sparse so as to avoid confusion with the search engine in regards to which is the primary keyword and which is the secondary. The more natural the content and keywords the better; sites that are keyword heavy look like spam sites and can end up being blocked.

To really help boost your search engine ranking, linking is significant. Good quality links from reputable sites, especially .edu or .gov sites, will help improve your sites credibility. Linking to a variety of sites and having sites link back to you will also improve your ranking. The more natural the links are the better and as much as possible avoid linking to and from link farms.

SEO is an important part of any viral marketing campaign . Often it requires trying new things, seeing what works and what doesn’t, and being flexible to change. Technology is always growing and changing and it’s up to us to adapt with it.

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