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What is Reputation Management?

A good reputation is something that has been highly valued since the beginning of time. Knowing that you can be trusted and relied upon as an individual, friend, employee, or business can affect many aspects of your life. Before the Internet and the popularity of social media, reputations were left mainly within the realm of face-to-face interactions and kept secure within each defined area of life. With each increase in technology it has become more challenging to keep your reputation with your friends from bleeding over into your work life, and vice versa. To keep your reputation on the right track, both individuals and businesses can benefit from reputation management.

Reputation management is the process of tracking your business, or identity, online and taking action in conjunction with the results. How this looks specifically varies from business to business, or person to person.

For most individuals reputation management is pretty straightforward. If you use social media make sure that your profile pages are clean and professional. Many employers, and potential employers, look at personal social media pages to gauge a person’s character, personality, and work ethic. Distasteful images and crude comments could hinder you from getting that job or promotion. Here is a video that can help you with creating a professional Facebook page:

Reputation management for businesses and high profile individuals typically involves a bit more work. First, it is important to be proactive in your approach to maintaining a positive reputation. Developing positive social media accounts, creating a well designed website, and making sure that all of these are ranking on search engines like Google is a great way to start. Second, it’s important to be vigilant about your reputation. Check frequently for negative remarks, reviews, or comments that could damage your reputation. The sooner you catch them the better. When there are negative results it is best to act quickly and replace them with something positive. This may involve helping to promote existing positive results so that they move up in the search engine or it may mean answering the negative comments or review. In some cases, consulting with an expert in Online Reputation Management may be needed to address the problem.

So much of how business is conducted relies on the Internet; companies use it for advertising, marketing, and sales while consumers use it to get reviews and shop. Millions of people each day use the Internet for both business and personal purposes and if you don’t take an active role in managing your reputation someone else will.

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  1. Wasn’t it Barnum and Bailey who coined the phrase “no such thing as bad press?” I’ve read a lot of viral marketers enjoy bad press for exposure of their product – maybe negative reputaion management should be considered?

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