21 Oct

Personal Branding

For most of us it’s natural that when we hear the word “tissue” we think of Kleenex or when we hear “permanent marker” we think of Sharpie. These companies have developed their brand and set themselves apart as leaders in their respective industries. Personal branding works in much the same way: setting yourself apart as a leader in your industry.

When it comes to developing your personal brand, you first need to identify what sets you apart from the crowd. Developing your core values, platform, and mission statement will help guide you to the right arenas to develop your brand. Whether you are looking to become a frontrunner in your field or stand out to prospective employers, it is important that you stay true to yourself and your brand. Consistency is key.

Personal branding, much like your personal reputation, can be developed both on and off the Internet. Developing a thought-provoking blog, providing insightful comments on other blogs, and managing professional social media accounts can help you develop your brand online. You can also set yourself apart by seeking out other industry leaders whether they are online or in person. Often conferences are a great way to network and get your name, brand, out there.

In the past only politicians and celebrities worried about their online identities and reputations; however, as we increase our presence online it is becoming more important for everyone. Employers have made it a point to review prospective employees online identities and social media pages. When consumers are shopping for products and services, who they are buying from often counts just as much as the price.

We live in an era of information and technology. We want as much information as we can get as fast as we can get it. For most industries it’s no longer enough to simply pass out a resume or just create a business website. With so many people competing for jobs, partners, and even investors, you need to be able to set yourself apart as a unique individual with new thoughts and ideas for your field.

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