28 Dec

Money Mutual Videos

Today I was doing some research on video search for a class I teach.  When doing a search for “Money Mutual” in video search the coverage for the brand is an excellent example of how videos can be used for branding.  I used this example as I often see TV Ads with the TV star Montel Williams.  The screen shot below shows a perfect top 10  and home page for a video search.  The first result is their You Tube Channel and then the entire top 10 is covered by their videos.  This is an example of of how Video can be very effective for brand search results.  Video is also very easy to consume and can lead to much higher engagement with the brand.

Money Mutual Video search result

Money Mutual Video Results

3 thoughts on “Money Mutual Videos

  1. A secret of SEO experts is that you absolutely need YouTube videos. They rank so highly if you can get something even a little bit viral. Be creative!

  2. I honestly had no idea that videos ranked so well, although it makes sense consider who owns YouTube!!

  3. How do you optimize your videos to appear in search like this? I’m assuming this is just YouTube? What about Vimeo? This is really curious, I wonder how Google weighs Youtube against other video sites..

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