02 Sep

The Mobile Internet

The number of mobile internet user continues to trend upwards. Internet analyst Mary Meeker predicts that “more users will connect to the Internet over mobile devices than desktop PCs.”

Google has also been ramping up for the mobile web. In 2007 Google released AdSense for Mobile. In 2010 Google acquired a mobile advertising company call AdMob for $681 million. Let’s not forget to mention the search engines advancements into voice technology including voice search.

So how does this affect SEO? Consider the size of the users cell phone screen. This is much smaller than the screen of a desktop PC. Also consider the user who does a voice search and is listening to a list of results. Appearing in the top 3 results will continue to become more important. Your title tags and page descriptions should also be clear and to the point. The page descriptions should interest your target users and give them a reason to select your result.

3 thoughts on “The Mobile Internet

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  2. Growing despair is right: what happened to business title tags and page descriptions that provide the essential five: who, what, where, when, how?

  3. Being in the top 3 results is more and more important. Title tags and page descriptions should not confuse the audience. When each second counts, it should not be wasted digging for results.

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