30 Nov

Online Lead Generation in High Stakes industries

There are several industries online and indeed offline where lead generation can be very expensive.  When the stakes are high the competition and the costs are high.  Some industries, such and financial services, payday loans and plastic surgery have been serviced by the professional lead generation companies for a long time.  The cost of doing SEO  or PPC for some of the individual companies who buy these leads can be very prohibitive.  When the stakes are high the big players pump money into the online space excluding the Mom and Pop with the smaller budgets and forcing them to work with the lead generation companies to compete.  Really that is not such a bad thing either the individual companies may be very good at what they do but not so good at marketing and leaving their lead generation to the professionals with the deeper pockets may be a good option.

An industry which has attracted the big guns is the Drug Rehab Industry with several lead generation companies from the more traditional fields adding treatment center lead generation to their portfolio.  We have worked with some companies in this space and at times it could cost as much as $40 a click in PPC.  Bearing in mind that it can take several clicks to get a lead and due to the nature of the industry many leads are unqualified with people at the end of their disease broke and unemployed with no health insurance looking for help.  One of the new players in the space is called The National Treatment Network this is a treatment industry service provided by lead generation veterans Medicquire.  The drug rehab industry is renowned for its high level of spam techniques in SEO and I believe due to Google’s several updates in the past year which has finally outlawed so many of these techniques the cost of doing SEO in these high stakes industries will fuel the growth of the professional lead generators move into the treatment industry.

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