16 Aug

Fionn Downhill Speaking at SES San Francisco Tomorrow

If you’re attending SES San Francisco this week, you should know that Elixir’s own CEO & President, Fionn Downhill, will be speaking on what promises to be a lively panel on whether or not SEO is still relevant in 2011.

Downhill, who is also a co-Founder of SyCara, Inc, will be part of a panel entitled “SEO is Dead. Long Live SEO!” which will be held tomorrow (Day 2 of the Conference) at 4:45 p.m. The panel will encourage audience participation in the discussion, which will be moderated by Performics VP of Performance, Dana Todd. Other panelists include David Naylor, Todd Friesen, and Mark Jackson.

Attendees will also get a chance to chat with Downhill at a new event, the “Meet the Speakers” luncheon being held on Wednesday at 12:30.

One thought on “Fionn Downhill Speaking at SES San Francisco Tomorrow

  1. Interesting topic: is SEO relevant. I think it is relevant, but I am certain there are company’s like the one I worked for, before I was laid off, that think and operate as if SEO did not exist. Such an attitude towards SEO is harmful for the business and for growth. SEO is not dead.

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