08 Oct

Elixir Interactive’s President to Speak at SES Chicago

Elixir Interactive President & CEO, Fionn Downhill, will be speaking later this month in Chicago on “Brand, Trademark & Reputation Management”. Downhill brings her extensive experience in both online reputation management and search engine optimization to this discussion on the importance of both leveraging and protecting one’s brand and online reputation.

Downhill will be appearing as part of SES Chicago, one of the top search conference series in the world. The session on Reputation Management will cover such topics as how to handle trademarked terms in Google AdWords, both your own and those of your competitors and what to do, if anything, when someone uses your trademark terms in their ads. On the organic side of things, Downhill will address the options available when someone posts negative and /or false claims about your company, or you personally, on blogs, forums, or review sites.

“Brand, Trademark & Reputation Management” will be held on Day 1 of SES Chicago, October 19th. Downhill will also be speaking on October 21st (Day 3) on the topic of “Digital Asset Optimization” and moderating a panel on “Selling Search to the C-Suite” also on Day 3.

One thought on “Elixir Interactive’s President to Speak at SES Chicago

  1. It is important to know what to do when someone uses your trademark terms in their ads. So many business try to shortcut legitimate business. It is a good idea to find out how to combat it before it happens.

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