25 Aug

Elixir Interactive Review: Managing Your Online Reputation

There is nothing more important in a business than its reputation. Its reputation is what will attract and keep customers. While word of mouth is a very powerful tool for spreading such reviews, the Internet has become even more powerful. A dissatisfied customer can write a review online that will forever be available for potential customers to view. That is why it is important to take the steps now to manage your online reputation and not leave it in the hands of fate.

One of the first steps to managing your online reputation is getting your pages ranked within the search engines. Typically this is done through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It helps you put your sites and information where they are visible and will beneficial to your business. This is the part that you have the most control over.

Secondly, online reviews can be a good thing. Most reasonable people will understand that you cannot possibly please every single person that walks into your business. Encourage your customers to write online reviews and you can even offer an incentive, such as a discount off of their next order, when they do so. If you run a good, honest business that works hard to please your customers then you have nothing to worry about and potential customers will see that when they read the reviews.

Every business has a reputation, the question is whether you want to have a say in it or if you want to have it dictated for you.

2 thoughts on “Elixir Interactive Review: Managing Your Online Reputation

  1. I would add that business should also look at their reputation in their ecosystem. i.e: if you’re a cloud computing brand, finding out if/what experts in this community are saying about my brand or competitors. As social media influence increases its impact on reputation,paying attention to the right people is like paying attention to the right keyword for SEO.

  2. That’s right, it’s important to pay attention to the right people: the consumer. Case in point: my phone company advertises that it is simple to switch plans online. In reality it has a website that is difficult to navigate and no direct online chat. The call-in method is laborious: after two days of several hours of multiple phone transfers and representatives, who do not confer with one another or transfer my wishes, I have to, physically, go into the phone center to achieve what I want. In store, I requested a direct, online account manager. The in-store clerk explained to me I had unrealistic expectations.
    I would like to find a company that works hard to please its customers.

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